Katakura WBLC for if you are an expat in the Netherlands

If you need a lesson in the Dutch language, then you should visit Katakura WBLC, just because Katakura WBLC can help you out with understanding the Dutch language! On https://katakura-wblc.nl/ you can check every course that is provided by Katakura! If you are an expat in the Netherlands, what is wise to know?

What is the Dutch language?

If you are living in the Netherlands, It would be useful if you would understand the language. Its easier to learn the Dutch native language if you are schooled in English, or when you are from a English speaking country. Even if you have Germans roots it would be a lot easier to understand and learn the Language, because all three of the languages are Germanic languages. This means that all three of the languages have comparisons because of the fact we are all Germanic.

What do you want to learn?

If you consider moving to the Netherlands, it would be useful to understand the language at a certain point. It will be a lot easier when you understand the basics of our language. If you learn the language in a short amount of time, people will be nicer. Because you show them that you are willing to learn the native language. Another reason why you should learn the language is so that you can understand more about our habits and the customs that we have in our country. Everybody is welcome to join our land and welfare, but what is smart to do as well?

Know the rules!

If you come to the Netherland to live here as an expat, make sure you understand the rules. It will be a much nicer time for you and your family if you understand why we do things in this country. If you want to learn more about the Netherland and our customs, do not doubt to contact us!