GC Biotech and nucleic acid isolation

With GC Biotech’s products for nucleic acid isolation you can get quality results in your scientific studies on genes and biochemistry. Nucleic acid isolation can be optimized with the kits and applications our company supplies. If you prefer high yield isolation of nucleic acids from biological material it’s advised to take a look at our webshop for more information. There one can find all the details on the possibilities brands like Dynamic Devices, Bionex, Bioline and CleanNA offers to scientists with their devices and reagents.

We offer high throughput solutions, but also magnetic bead based kits, and spin column tools. Whatever it is you would like to research concerning genes and genetic material is possible with our nucleic acid isolation products and related accessories.

Nucleic acid isolation quality

To keep nucleic acid isolation quality as high as possible GC Biotech only provides researchers with the best tools for their studies. There are many ways to separate nucleic acids from samples. One is more useful than the other, but has other drawbacks. To get the best results in isolating genetic material one should use the products suited for situation. Every step is critical and determines with how much yield one ends up with. And since nucleic acid isolation is the first step in the process it determines for a large part the outcome of the experiment. With our kits to break, bind, clean and elute solutions with genetic samples it’s easy to get the highest quality.

Methods and considerations

To do nucleic acid isolation there are a few methods that can be used. A scientist can do it manually, which is more laborious, but a great way to get the required results. Automated workbenches can bring change in that. Also GC Biotech can provide other methods for nucleic acid isolation like the use of spin columns or the use of magnetic beads in the solution.